Adoptions, Guardianships, & Grandparent’s Rights

The bond between family members is one of the strongest interpersonal relationships we create in our lives. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the same opportunity to develop such bonds, and sometimes these bonds are broken through the betrayal (or perceived betrayal) of a loved one, as is the case in a divorce in which one party was found to be cheating on the other, for example. In such instances, the children involved should become the primary focus of everyone’s attention, for they invariably remain the most innocent parties of all involved.

Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services has several resources available on its web site for those interested in adoption. Likewise, the Justia legal resources web site offers comprehensive legal information taken from state codes and statutes regarding grandparents’ rights. Despite the availability of these online resources, most people still find the assistance of an experienced attorney the best way to navigate the bureaucratic red tape and unforeseen pitfalls of establishing parenting/guardianship rights or adopting a child.

Adoptions, guardianships and grandparent’s rights represent just a few of the strengths the Handley Law Center features in its extensive array of family law services. Whether you seek to bring an otherwise orphaned child into your home or desire to establish parenting rights to yourself or the grandparents of a child, we can help create the most favorable outcome for you and your loved ones. Please contact us to get the ball rolling on your case.