Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys Discuss The Hazards of Summer Driving

When asked, most people think that winter driving is the most dangerous time of the year to be on the roadways. While snow and ice covered roads can make for treacherous winter driving conditions, other seasons present their own driving challenges. For example, driving in the summer may sound like a picnic compared to a day in mid-January, but the fact of the matter is that summer driving has its own obstacles. People tend to overlook the perils of summer driving since these obstacles are usually less apparent. However, while these dangers may be a bit more obscure, they are every bit as hazardous. To make sure that you and your family are safe this summer, it is important to be aware of these often overlooked summer driving hazards:

  • Sun’s glare: You would think that a clear, sunny day would make for great weather conditions to hit the open road. However, the sun’s rays can cause a glare which can greatly impair your ability to see the road. So before you set out, be sure to grab a pair of shades. The glare from the sun is usually the worst at dawn and again at dusk. A clean windshield that is free of smudges can also help with glare.
  • Road Congestion: Summer is the time of year that most people take vacations and the preferred method of travel for many families is to drive. With more people deciding to take road trips, roadways are often congested. The best advice to deal with congestion, is to try to relax. Do not let road congestions lead to a case of road rage.
  • Farm Vehicles: Summer travelers are not the only reason why the roadways are more hectic in the summer. Farm vehicles, such as tractors, also need to be on the roads. These large vehicles are wider than a car, often taking up more space than the traditional width of the lane. These vehicles pose a danger not only due to their large size, but also due to their slow moving speed. Always exercise caution when passing farm vehicles.
  • Construction: In many parts of the country, there are only two seasons that matter to drivers, winter and road construction. The effects of road construction are often exacerbated in the summer due to the increased number of drivers on the roadways. Take extra caution when driving in construction zones, including leaving the appropriate distance between you and the vehicle you are following and to drive.
  • Bikes: Unlike winter, the summer driving season also sees a dramatic increase in the number of bicycles and motorcycles on the roads. These smaller vehicles can be more difficult for a driver of a truck or a car to see, especially if the driver is not actively on the lookout for these two-wheelers. An accident between an automobile and a bicycle or motorcycle can result in serious injuries. To ensure a safe trip for all, be sure to share the roadways.
  • Tire blowouts and engine overheating: The summer’s heat can also lead to tire blowouts and engine overheating. Take a few minutes to check your car’s tire pressure and engine fluid levels before leaving on a long trip. If your engine does overheat, pullover to the side of the road to allow the engine to cool.

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Oklahoma Injury Attorney Talks About Teaching Your Child School Bus Safety

The first day of school is a very big deal for both parents and children. Children get to pick out new school supplies, new clothes and shoes. Even a bigger deal for a small child is the first time he or she can ride the big yellow school bus with the other children. Riding the bus can be very fun and exciting for a child. Parents should feel fairly safe allowing their children to ride the school bus, as these vehicles are designed to be safe. However, every year children are killed in school bus (or a non-school bus acting as a school bus) related accidents. To protect your child from a school bus accident, take the time to teach your child good school bus safety habits, including the following:

  • No Horseplay: Teach your child that a bus stop is no place for horseplay. It is too easy for a child to get distracted by a game of tag or even a game of catch. All it takes is for one child to accidentally run into the street avoid being tagged or to run after a ball to be hit by a passing car or bus.
  • Do not approach a bus until you get the green light from the driver: Often children are eager to climb aboard a bus, anxious to pick out the best seat or to snag spot next to a best friend. It is too easy for a child to trip and fall while approaching a moving bus to be injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that you instruct your child to wait patiently at least five giant steps from the curb where the bus will stop. This provides an adequate buffer zone between your child and the bus.
  • Sit do not stand: Once upon the bus, tell your child to take a seat and remain seated throughout the ride to school. A bus is designed for safety, but a child can be injured if he or she is up and about while the bus is in motion. The safest way for a child to ride on the bus is when he or she is firmly seated and facing the front of the bus.
  • Always listen to the driver: Make sure that your child understands that the bus driver is in charge while he or she is on the bus. The bus driver may have important instructions and rules that need to be followed on the bus, so it is very important to listen carefully to the bus driver at all times.
  • Be careful exiting the bus: A child can be so excited to get home and see mom or dad that the child may be tempted to run down the steps of the bus. Once off the bus, the NHTSA recommends that a child again take at least five big steps away from the bus. This not only allows for the child to be a safe distance from the bus, but it also make it easier for the bus driver to be able to see the child as bus drives away.
  • Cross the street with care: Remind your child that before crossing the street in front of a bus (or any other vehicle for that matter) that he or she first get the go ahead signal from the driver.

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The Steps You Should Take Following a Bus Accident in Oklahoma

The moments following an automobile accident can be extremely frightening, resulting in a significant amount of panic and confusion among all parties involved.  However, when an accident involves a passenger bus, the aftermath of said crash can be nothing short of terrifying.   As most people are aware, passenger bus accidents can cause life threatening and sometimes fatal injuries for its victims.  The main reasoning behind why passenger bus accidents are so dangerous is because they are often unequipped with protective devices such as seat belts and air bags.  Moreover, people often blindly trust that a taxi or bus driver will take all measures necessary to ensure the safety of his or her passengers.  However, this could not be farther from the truth.  In fact, common carriers are just as likely to be involved in an accident as individuals, and fall prey to the same distractions such as using a cell phone or texting while driving.  For the above reasons, people often become seriously hurt after being in a bus accident.

In the event that you were involved in a passenger bus accident, there are certain steps you can take to help protect yourself.  These are as follows:

  1. Do not refuse medical treatment.  The symptoms of shock can mask the pain associated with your injuries for several days following a crash.  This may prevent you from seeking the treatment you need to address your injuries.  Moreover, if you fail to have your injuries evaluated or wait too late to do so, you could end up sacrificing your rights to receive compensation.
  2. Cooperate with law enforcement and the first responders who arrive at the scene of your accident.  Should they determine that you warrant further evaluation, do not argue with them.  Moreover, if you follow their instructions, it will help you avoid the possibility of sustaining any further harm or damages.
  3. Contact the police and obtain a copy of their accident report.  Review it to ensure that it accurately recounts the facts of your accident.
  4. Be sure to jot down the facts of your accident.  Meaning, write a summary of what you witnessed as well as the injuries that you sustained, if any.
  5. Do not allow an insurance company to record your conversations without first consulting with a personal injury lawyer.  Since the statements you make can and likely will be used against you, it is important to follow your attorney’s advice and not say anything that could adversely affect your ability to recover.
  6. Consult with a skilled Oklahoma personal injury attorney.  Bus accidents can be extremely difficult to prove for a variety of reasons.  Specifically, it may not be readily apparent how the accident occurred and also, who caused it.  As such, having an experienced attorney by your side is essential as you will need someone to fight for your rights and help protect your legal interests, every step of the way.

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