Bike Helmets Save Lives in Oklahoma

 One of the simplest yet most important pieces of advice that our Oklahoma personal injury attorneys can provide to bicyclists is to always wear a helmet.  However, we continue to hear on the news as well as consult with prospective clients who were seriously injured as a result of failing to use one.  Even more alarming is the fact that more and more children in Oklahoma are killed each year on bicycles as a result of not wearing a helmet.  With this in mind, it continues to baffle us that so many people choose not to take such a simple yet dramatic step to ensure their safety.

A poll conducted in Great Britain, the results of which were published in the British Medical Journal, shed considerable light in this regard.  According to the poll, many people fail to wear helmets given that they feel forced to do so.  In essence, they believe that mandatory helmet laws are way too paternalistic and as such, discourage individuals to engage in bicycling.  In other words, these people feel that legal safety measures encourage people to do the opposite of what the law requires.  In fact, the poll demonstrated that more than 60% of its participants disagree with the imposition of helmet laws.  Additionally, those polled further posited that there is not enough evidence to establish that wearing a helmet truly saves lives.  Moreover, they also provided that mandatory helmet laws unnecessarily give people the impression that biking is an overly dangerous activity that should be avoided at all costs.

Although the above options expressed by poll participants may have some merit, our highly seasoned Oklahoma personal injury attorneys urge people to always wear a helmet when biking.  Contrary to what the majority of those polled believe, bicycling can be extremely dangerous if certain precautions are not taken, such as by wearing a helmet and other protective visible gear.  Additionally, it is also important to consider that many roads are not designed to accommodate bikers, causing them to face significant road hazards and other dangerous conditions.   Overall, it is highly likely that those who were able to walk about from a bicycle accident were wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

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