Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys Ask: Could Valentine’s Day Break Your Marriage?

Valentine’s Day is the holiday that is supposed to be all about romance. However, not all couples spend Valentine’s Day “feeling the love.” Instead, for some coupled individuals, the holiday may have them seeing red—and not in a red roses sort of way. Take, for example, the following scenario:

You and your spouse seem to be living in separate universes that rarely collide. Sure, you have contemplated divorce several times, but you want to try and stick it out for the sake of your children. However, lately, you wonder how long you can live like ships passing in the dark. So you decide this Valentine’s Day, despite your lack of culinary skills, to make a special romantic dinner for you and your spouse. Your hope is that some quality alone time would be good for the two of you, and help start to get your marriage back on track. You run to three separate stores to purchase all of the ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen. The children are grandma’s house, dinner is just about ready, and then it happens. Moments before your spouse is due to arrive home you receive a phone call from them saying that they had something important come up at work and that they will be home late. Your spouse hangs up, without evening mentioning the words “Valentine’s Day.” You are not sure when your spouse came home because by then you were already asleep.

Ouch! While this scenario may not cause every individual to run to their phone to schedule an appointment with their divorce attorney, it does for some. In fact, this type of situation is quite typical of Valentine’s Day occurrences that serve as the proverbial “straw” that breaks the camel’s back for many folks. In fact, February is typically the busiest month for divorce filings, with the days after Valentine’s Day seeing the biggest spike in traffic to divorce attorney referral websites. However, what is it about February that makes so many people decide to pull the plug on their marriage? The following of some of the reasons behind why February has become a popular month to file for divorce:

  1. January. It also just so happens that February proceeds the biggest month for bankruptcy filings. When a couple files for bankruptcy it brings to a head often years of money problems that have plagued and often divided a couple. One of the biggest reasons couples give for divorcing is financial disagreements.
  2. Infidelity: A cheating spouse that is trying to keep his or her lover and spouse both happy often fails or makes a mistake on Valentine’s Day and is found out.
  3. Tax returns. People often use their tax return to finance large purchases. In some cases, people wait to file for divorce until they receive their tax return to help pay for the attorney retainer and to physically separate from their spouse.
  4. Holidays have ended. Lastly, many individuals put off filing for divorce until after the holidays are over to avoid looking like the bad guy.

If you are considering ending your marriage, it is often most helpful to speak with our experienced Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys before you come to a conclusion. A skilled Oklahoma Divorce Attorney will able to answer your questions and review your legal rights with you. At The Handley Law Center, we understand that the decision to file for divorce is often life-altering and we are prepared to help our clients through each step of the legal process. Our attorneys will take the time to provide you with the information you need to help make your decision. Contact The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924 to schedule a consultation.

Oklahoma Injury Attorneys Discuss What To Do if You are Involved in a Winter Wreck

A light dusting of snow on the ground during the winter holidays can be quite pretty and often adds to the magic of the season. However, when snow and ice blank the roadways the scene is far from magical—it can be the stuff of nightmares. Sure, sometimes winter weather can be more of an inconvenience, like shoveling snow from the driveway. Other times winter precipitation can take a fatal turn, like when roadways turn slick with black ice or after a bout of freezing rain.

Unfortunately, motorists do not always get to pick and choose when they have to be on roadways. Kids may have school canceled for bad weather, but adults rarely receive the option of staying home when the roads look dicey. Driving on streets that are made hazardous with winter precipitation is a recipe for an accident. Some winter driving accidents are just a case of bad luck—and there is no one to blame but Mother Nature. Other times, winter accidents are due to the negligence on the part of one or more drivers. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, it can be next to impossible to tell if the accident was someone’s fault or if it was just purely a case of bad weather conditions. Even if the police at the scene do not further investigate, this does not mean no one was at fault. Your attorney will do his or her own research to determine if another driver can be held liable.

As as a driver, though, there are things you can and should do after an accident to protect yourself and your interests. The following are steps a motorist should take if he or she is involved in a winter wreck:

  1. Turn on your emergency lights. The first thing you will want to do after impact is to make sure that you are visible to other motorists. If your emergency flashers are operational, turn them on.
  2. Check for injuries. Determine if you or anyone in your vehicle is injured. Also, check on other vehicles or persons also involved in the accident. Call for help if needed.
  3. Make the decision to stay or go. If everyone is okay to leave the accident area, determine whether it is safer to stay by or in your vehicle or whether you need to leave the area.
  4. Determine if police should be called and make the phone call.
  5. Exchange information. Gather names, telephone numbers, license information, insurance details, and any witness contact information.
  6. Take photos. With your cell phone camera, take pictures of the scene including damage and visible injuries.
  7. Stay quiet. Do not discuss the cause of the accident or admit to any wrongdoing. Avoid becoming involved in a verbal altercation with anyone. Stay at the scene until police tell you that you can leave.
  8. Call your insurance company and determine the time frame for making a claim.
  9. Schedule an appointment to meet with your Oklahoma personal injury attorney. He or she will be able to help you determine your rights and to see if you have a case and help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in an auto accident this winter, take the time to meet with an experienced Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorney. Only seasoned Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys, like those at The Handley Law Center, can properly advocate and protect the rights of accident victims. Our veteran injury attorneys have fought for the rights of countless injury victims throughout Oklahoma. The Injury Attorneys at The Handley Law Center will work diligently to make sure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. Call The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation. You can trust our team of outstanding injury attorneys to fight for you!

Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys Cautions Motorists to Think Twice Before Drinking and Driving This Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has a unique following of fans. Of course, there are those people who are fans of the two teams playing and just plain old professional football fans in general. However, the Super Bowl attracts more than just football lovers. Surprisingly, there are some folks who tune into the game just to watch the commercials. They could care less about the game itself. Then there are those people that enjoy the half-time show. However, one of the most popular reasons people watch the Super Bowl is because it is a great reason to get together with friends and family and have a party! At most Super Bowl parties, the game comes second to the excessive spread of food and beverages. Probably the most surprising thing about the Super Bowl is that it is one of the most dangerous days to be on the roadways.

You may have heard, but the number of automobile accidents rises quite dramatically after the big game. While it may sound like an old wives’ tale, it turns out that it is true. In 2003, researchers at the University of Toronto found a 40 percent increase in motor vehicle collisions in the hours after the Super Bowl. The accident rate in the first hour after the game jumped 70 percent. The reason of course, for the rise in accidents, has been linked to alcohol consumption. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest drinking “holidays” of the year. The Super Bowl ranks right up there with New Year’s Eve, St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving Eve, and even Valentine’s Day as holidays where people are mostly likely to drink to excess and drive. Alcohol is the biggest factor when it comes to the increase in accidents on Super Bowl Sunday, but it is not the only factor. Other contributory factors include driver fatigue from staying up late to watch the end of the game, night-time driving, winter weather conditions and driver distraction.

The good news is that accidents caused by drivers who under the influence of alcohol are preventable. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that you have a memorable but safe Super Bowl:

  1. Ride shares: Leave your car keys at home and arrange to have a ride share service like Uber or Lyft pick you and take you home from the party.
  1. Designate a sober driver: Arrange ahead of time for someone to take you home, or better yet, have that person take you to the party as well.
  1. Stay off the roads: Since the most dangerous time to be on the roadways is the few hours after the game, try not to be on the roads during that time if you can at all avoid it, even if you are sober.

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence on Super Bowl Sunday, it is important to contact our seasoned Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorneys at your earliest opportunity. DUI is a serious offense in the state of Oklahoma. Even first-time offenders can face serious consequences if found guilty. Do not make the mistake of representing yourself or accepting whatever deal the State’s Attorney happens to throw your way.  At The Handley Law Center, our team of skilled Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorneys will advise you of your rights and determine what defenses you may have to beat the charges. To schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our experienced Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorneys contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924. You can trust The Handley Law Center to provide you with aggressive representation.




Oklahoma Injury Attorneys Warn of The Dangers of Tired Truck Drivers

One moment you are driving along the highway, maybe you are headed home from work or an evening out with your significant other. Then, the next moment you know, you have been in an accident. Accidents happen so fast, and often without warning that many accident survivors often report having incomplete memories of the event. In fact, depending on the nature of the victim’s injuries, he or she may have no memory of the accident whatsoever.

One type of accident where victims report not being able to recall what led up to the accident is after being involved in a wreck with a semi-truck. Semi-truck accidents are often very serious in nature due to the overall size difference between a large commercial truck and a passenger vehicle. Semi-trucks often weigh 20 to 30 times what the average passenger vehicle weighs—leaving survivors of this type of collision feeling lucky to have survived.

While there are many causes of semi-truck accidents, one of the most common causes is a driver who is drowsy or who has fallen asleep at the wheel. Fatigued driving is not only dangerous for passenger drivers, but it can be downright deadly when the driver is behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound truck.

In 2014, the van in which actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was riding in, was slammed into by a Walmart tractor-trailer, critically injuring Morgan and killing another passenger. Prosecutors in the case said that the truck driver responsible for the accident had not slept in more than 24 hours. While sleep-deprived driving may be a best-kept secret amongst truck drivers, it is not a new thing.

Lawmakers have tried to curb the problem of tired truckers. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced new regulations that reduced the maximum work week for truck drivers from 82 to 70 hours. It was the hope at the time that the new regulation would prevent 1,400 crashes, 560 injuries and save 19 lives. In 2013 the same year the regulation took effect, there were more than 3,500 truck wrecks which killed close to 4,000. The difficult part about drowsy driving is that there is no simple blood or urine test to check to see after the crash if the driver was indeed fatigued.

Remember, if you were involved in an accident are not sure who or what caused the accident—and have no real memory of the events, it is okay! Since victims often do not have perfect memories about the accident—it is vitally important to speak with an injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. One of the things that a good injury attorney will do is to research and investigate the possible the causes of the accident. Your attorney can help you put together the pieces of your case and determine whether you can hold another person responsible for your injuries and losses.

If you were seriously injured in a semi-truck accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Then, before you speak to anyone else including the insurance company, contact an experienced Oklahoma Injury Attorney. Only a skilled Oklahoma Injury Attorney can determine if you may be able to hold the trucking company or the truck driver liable for your injuries. The Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys at The Handley Law Center are veteran injury attorneys who have helped countless accident victims obtain proper compensation for their injuries. To schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our compassionate injury attorneys, contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924. You can trust our attorneys to be an aggressive advocate for your rights!