Oklahoma Injury Attorneys Offer Turkey Day Fire Safety Tips

You do not have to be Clark Griswold to know that Thanksgiving can be a time of family drama. First, you have all the personalities all under one roof. While the men fight in the living room over who is going to win the big game, the women are usually gossiping in the next room. Grandma is complaining about her arthritis pain, while Mom makes jabs how she does not like your sister’s new boyfriend. All of this while the poor host is trying to cook up a feast large enough to feed a small country, but look and taste good enough to be worthy of a Martha Stewart magazine cover. Talk about stress! For some families, Thanksgiving is more about “squabble, squabble, squabble”, than “gobble, gobble, gobble.” Unfortunately, for some hosts, family fires may not be the only fires they witness this Thanksgiving.

Many Americans are blissfully unaware that Thanksgiving Day is the leading day of the year for home fires that involve cooking equipment. It is estimated that close to 2,000 fires are reported to fire departments across the country on Thanksgiving Day. To make sure that your turkey day does not go up in smoke—follow these safety tips:

  1. Do not leave the kitchen! One of the biggest causes of Thanksgiving Day fires is unattended cooking. This means if you are in charge of the bird, do not leave to run a turkey-trot and leave your bird unattended! If you are tempted to leave the kitchen with a pot simmering on the stove, delegate someone else to keep watch.
  1. Limit the number of people in the kitchen! Most people are familiar with the saying “too many cooks spoil the soup.” While everyone may want to lend a helping hand, it is important that the kitchen does not become a three-ring circus. Children, pets and toys around steaming kettles, simmering pots, and a hot oven can quickly turn your holiday meal into a trip the emergency department.
  1. Roast don’t fry the bird! While a deep fried turkey may take less time to cook than an oven roasted bird, frying poses the great risk of a fire. If you MUST fry the bird….do so with the planning and precision of an Army general going into battle. This means:
  • Make sure that this is not your first rodeo. Thanksgiving Day is really not the best time to experiment with a new cooking gadget like a large deep fat fryer.
  • Place the fryer outside away from the home and any other structures, like a wooden deck or garage.
  • Keep anything flammable, including gloves, towels, oven mitts, long shirt sleeves and dangly jewelry away from the fryer.
  • Do not allow children or pets anywhere near the fryer.
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a fire.
  • Never leave the fryer unattended.
  1. Call for help! If a fire does break out, do not try to put it out yourself. Rather, the first thing you should do is call for help! According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 50% of non-fatal cooking fire injuries occurred when the victim tried to put out the fire themselves.

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Oklahoma Injury Attorneys Urge Drivers to Become Winter Ready

With Christmas just around the corner the holiday season is just about in full swing. This time of year causes many motorists to hit the roadways, in order to spend time with family and friends who live far away. If you will be one of the thousands traveling far from home this holiday, before you pack up the car, you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip.

Winter weather is anything but predictable, so the best advice is always to be ready for the worst. Even if it is 45 degrees on the day you leave home, you never can be sure what Mother Nature has in store for you, 50 or 100 miles down the road. Having a vehicle that is fully-winterized can make the trip easier and safer for you and your travel companion. To make sure that your vehicle is ready to meet winter’s challenges, be sure to do the following:

  • Have your brakes checked. Winter weather often means the possibility of encountering roads slick with ice, sleet, freezing rain or the dreaded “black ice”. Untreated roads can make coming to a complete stop difficult. But if your vehicle has worn brakes, you may not be able to stop at all. Since there is often little to no warning when brakes are in need of replacement, your best bet is to have your brakes inspected regularly.
  • Treat your windshield. A crucial, but often overlooked step in getting a vehicle ready for winter is to treat the windshield with water repellent. Drivers most often focus on the wipers, which are important, but are not helpful when windows are covered with ice. By applying the repellent, it will make easier for you to scrape ice and frost away.
  • Check your battery. You may have already noticed that your car’s engine does not start quite as easily in the winter as it does in the summer time. But your engine is not the only part of your vehicle that is affected by the cold. Batteries are also working at a reduced capacity when the temperatures drop in winter.
  • Clean your headlights. If you do not have the foggiest idea of how to “clean your headlights”, do not fret, you are not alone. Many of us just assume that the cloudy appearance headlights can start to take on is inevitable as a car ages. However, cloudy headlights are not just a cosmetic problem—they can actually be dangerous. Hazy headlights can reduce your ability to be seen by other motorists. Being visible to others is especially important at night and when visibility is already low, like when it is snowing. A simple cleaning kit found at most major automotive stores can remove the haze from headlight covers.

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Oklahoma DUI Defense Attorneys Share Tips for a DUI-free Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Day is unique in many ways. It is of the biggest holidays that has no-religious significance and is celebrated by nearly every American. It is a day to gather with family to enjoy a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes and other delectable fixings. As big as Thanksgiving Day is, the day before might be even more celebratory. Sure, no one ever talks about “Thanksgiving Eve”—but it does exist. With nearly everyone having off Thanksgiving Day, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become a party night. While people spend Thanksgiving Day with family, Thanksgiving Eve is typically free to spend with old friends who also might be in town for the weekend. But if you want to whoop it up with your childhood pals, just remember that law enforcement is wise to “Thanksgiving Eve”. So to make sure you do not need mom or dad to bail you out of jail—follow these tips for a DUI-free holiday:

  • Hand over the keys, if you are going to drink. If you plan to visit a local watering hole and have a few drinks with your old pals, then plan not to drive. While it sounds simple enough, all too often people drive home after having a few drinks because they think that their blood alcohol level is below the legal limit. Guessing that you are okay to drive is a recipe for disaster. Be smart, hand over the keys if you plan to drink.
  • Set a one drink limit. If you want to hang with your friends but need to be able to drive home, limit yourself to just one drink and then switch to non-alcoholic beverages for the remainder of the evening. Most people can safely have one drink over a period of an hour or two and have a blood alcohol level below the legal limit.
  • Take a cab. Of course, if you realize that you cannot legally drive home after a night out it is always a good idea to call a cab. But consider taking a cab to the party as well. If you do not have your car with you, you will not be tempted to drive home. The round-trip cost of a cab may not be cheap, but it is a lot less costly than a DUI.
  • Be the designated driver. If you need to be up at the crack of dawn to assist the family with getting the turkey into the oven, take a pass on drinking all together and offer to be a designated driver. Your friends will be thankful that you did.

Even if you are “okay” to drive home after having a blast with friends all night, you may still want to consider taking public transportation home. Unfortunately, there are many people who will be well above the legal limit driving on Thanksgiving Eve.

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Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys Offer T-Day Survival Tips for Divorcing Parents

There is never an “ideal” time to get divorced. Depending on other events going on in one’s life there are often better times and worse times, but never a great time. Even if a person files for divorce during a month that appears to be a “good” time, a divorce can often continue for several months or even a year or more. What this means is that while a person is trying to become divorced—life continues. Work, events and of course, holidays continue just as before. While not the stuff of dreams, being in the midst of a divorce during the holiday season does not really have to give one nightmares either. Keep the following tips in mind this season and you and your children will have a much merrier holiday:

  1. Acknowledge the positive. Although you wish your divorce was finalized, give yourself credit that you are at least moving forward and doing what is best for your family in the long run. Being in “divorce limbo” is only temporary and like other not-so-fun times, will not last forever. When you feel yourself becoming frustrated remind yourself that “this too shall pass.”
  1. Smile and keep your chin up around your children. If this is your first holiday without your children you may be feeling a little emotional. However, it is important not to let your children see that you are feeling sad about the fact that they cannot be with you. Remember, your children had no say-so in whether you and your spouse divorced. So it is your job as a parent to make this difficult transition as easy as possible on them. Tell them how much fun they will have while they are gone with your spouse and you cannot wait to hear all about it!
  1. Think twice before sharing the holiday with your spouse. From time to time parents think that even though the divorce is looming, they should try to spend one last holiday together as a family for the sake of the children. In many situations this can be a bad idea. It is often difficult for parents to put away all of the tension and emotion of the divorce during a time that is already stressful. Also if the parents get along too well during this time, the children may be given false hope that parents will get back together.
  1. Allow your children to contact the other parent. A good rule is to always allow your children to contact the other parent, even if the day is technically “your” parenting time with them. Kids are used to spending time with both parents on major holidays, so help them by allowing them to reach out to the other parent.
  1. Start new traditions. The best recipe for having a successfully holiday season is to not worry about trying to keep the old traditions, but to start fresh. You could even pardon the turkey this year for a pizza!
  1. Be thankful. Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. While your marriage may be over, acknowledge the positives that came out of it and the things you have learned throughout the process. Take the day to focus on the positive and leave the negative for another time—or behind you completely.

If you are contemplating divorce, it is important to speak with an experienced Oklahoma Family Law Attorney who can help you navigate through the process. A seasoned Oklahoma Family Law Attorney can answer your questions and review your legal options. At The Handley Law Center, our compassionate attorneys understand how difficult divorce can be on a family and can help make the process easier on you. To meet with a member of our team of family law attorneys contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation.