Oklahoma Injury Attorneys Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers engage in daily activities that put their safety in jeopardy. From dealing with dangerous chemicals to operating large machinery to completing tasks on high beams—the trade is full of hazards. Not to mention construction sites are inherently dangerous places with dozens of workers all working on different projects, at the same time, all under the pressures finish their jobs on time. All of these factors contribute to making a construction worker one of the most dangerous jobs. The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions Oklahoma residents have regarding construction site accidents:

What are the most common causes of injuries and/or death on construction sites?

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, the four leading culprits of injury or death on construction sites are: falls, electrocutions, being hit by an object, and being stuck in or between objects. Together the so called “fatal four” are responsible for more than 50 percent of construction site injuries. Falls alone contribute to 40 percent of all construction site deaths.

How common are construction site accidents?

Unfortunately, construction site accidents are more common than most people realize. In any given year it is estimated that close to 20 percent of all work place deaths occurred on construction sites. OSHA estimates that 4,679 workers were killed on the job in 2014 alone. That equates to more than 12 workers killed every day of the year.

What are the most common construction site injuries?

Due to the hazardous nature of construction work, the injuries are usually quite serious. Workers who are injured on construction sites suffer a variety of injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Traumatic brain or head injuries
  • Permanent disfiguration
  • Loss of limbs, fingers and/or toes
  • Internal injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries including paralysis
  • Hearing loss
  • Serious burns from fire or chemicals

I was injured in a construction site accident but I am not sure who is liable?

Construction accidents can be very complicated. Unlike a car accident with Driver A and Driver B, there are many more entities at play at any given construction site, which makes determining the liable party or parties challenging. So do not think that when you meet with an attorney for the first time that it is your job to know who is liable for your injuries. Your attorney will review your case and decide the parties that can be held accountable.

Is workers compensation my only option for compensation?

The answer to this question, is that it depends on the particular facts of the injured person’s case. In some instances a person is limited to the amount he or she receives from workers compensation. In other cases, the person may be entitled to pursue an award of damages if he or she was injured by someone other than a co-worker or employer.

Why the Handley Law Center?

If you or a loved one was seriously injured while working on a construction accident it is important to seek the advice of  experienced Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys. At The Handley Law Center our attorneys will take the time to provide you with a thorough review of your case. After which our attorneys will discuss with your rights and explain your legal options. To schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our seasoned injury attorneys, contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924. Our team of dedicated injury attorneys will work diligently to make sure you receive proper compensation for your injuries. Trust The Handley Law Center to provide you with quality legal services.


Oklahoma Motorcycle Injury Attorneys Debunk Helmet Myths

While a motorcyclist never wants to be in a crash, he or she must be physically and mentally prepared for a crash every time he or she takes to the road. Unlike a car or truck, there is no physical structure to keep a motorcyclist safe. If the motorcyclist is an accident there is a high likelihood that he or she may be thrown for his or her bike. This is why motorcyclists must take precautions to prevent injuries every time they ride.

Wearing proper gear can be the difference between walking away and death. The most valuable piece of safety gear for any motorcyclist is the helmet. Since a brain injury can equal severe disability or death, it is important for a motorcyclist to keep his or her head safe. However, there are still motorcyclists who do not wear helmets every time they go for a ride. Often a motorcyclist’s reason for not wearing a helmet is usually based on a myth, not fact. The following are common myths regarding motorcycle helmets:

  • Helmets can cause injuries to the neck and/or spine.


This myth was in part propagated by a small study that found that the sheer weight of the helmet could cause torque on the neck in accident, which could cause damage to the neck and/or spine. This study has been criticized by many. In fact recent studies and data have shown that helmets do work to prevent, not cause injuries to a person’s neck and/or spine. Helmet usage is also known to reduce the number of traumatic brain injuries and deaths from motorcycle accidents.

  • Motorcyclists who wear helmets are less cautious.

The “logic” behind this myth is that a motorcyclist that wears a helmet is more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior because he or she is wearing a helmet. However, at least one study has shown that the most cautious motorcycle operators are those who tend to wear the most gear.

  • Helmets limit peripheral vision.

While this myth is quite common, it too is completely false. All Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant helmets are required to provide the user at least 210 degree vision. What this means is that a person’s peripheral vision should be just as good with or without a helmet on.


  • Wearing a helmet interferes with a motorcyclist’s ability to hear road noises.


A study sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA in the early ‘90s looked at the impact that helmet usage had on a motorcyclist’s hearing. The study found that the hearing of riders who wore helmets was not negatively impacted by wearing a helmet.

  • Wearing a helmet while riding can prevent an accident.


While it is important for all motorcyclists to wear protective gear, there is no amount of gear that will prevent a motorcyclist from being involved in an accident. All quality gear can do is decrease the likelihood or severity of injury in the event the motorcyclist is involved in a crash.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident it is important to consult with  experienced Oklahoma Motorcycle Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. The attorneys at The Handley Law Center are seasoned injury attorneys who have helped numerous motorcycle injury victims receive compensation for their injuries. Contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924 to schedule your free and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys. At The Handley Law Center our attorneys understand the devastating personal and financial impact that a motorcycle accident can have on a victim and his or her family. No one fights harder for motorcycle injury victims than us!


Oklahoma Injury Attorneys Caution Motorcyclists about Common Injuries

Any time a person gets on the road there is a risk that he or she could be involved in an accident. This is a fact that most drivers never really think about when they hop into their car or truck and head to work or to the grocery store. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, almost always have to have this fact at the forefront of their minds.

This is in part because before a motorcyclist even gets on his or her bike, he or she makes decisions as to put on a helmet and/or other protective gear. Gear that is designed to protect him or her in case of an accident. Since unlike automobile accident victims, motorcycle victim are more likely to suffer more severe injuries because they lack the protection that a car or truck affords its occupants. According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration around 4,500 motorcyclists were killed in 2013 and another 88,000 were injured. The following are some of the most common injuries motorcycle victims incur:

Road Rash

One of the reasons motorcyclists wear leather clothing is to put a layer of protection between them and road, in case of an accident. However, despite wearing proper gear a motorcyclist can still suffer from painful skin abrasions. These scrapes and cuts are often thought to be no big deal, but road rash, if left untreated can become infected and cause serious nerve damage or skin infection. In some cases, road rash, can lead to permanent disfigurement.

Fractured/Broken Bones

Protective gear is an absolute must for any motorcyclist—regardless if the person is experienced or a complete novice. Proper gear can lessen the severity of injuries in many cases, if the motorcyclist involved in an accident. The good news is that broken or fractured legs, feet and arms while common after an accident, do heal and usually leave no long-term disability.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most severe and lost long lasting—often leaving a person with partial or complete paralysis. Most individuals with spinal cord injuries are unable to return to work and rely on full-time care. If a person is experiencing any pain in his or her neck or back after being involved in a motorcycle accident it is important to seek immediate medical attention. As these symptoms could be signs of a possible but serious spinal or neurological damage.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other head injuries are some of the most debilitating and severe injuries that motorcyclists risk when in an accident. This is why regular helmet usage is so vitally important. A TBI can interfere with a person’s ability to speak, move and even think. In some cases a TBI can alter a person’s personality. This translates to a potential lifetime of care, costly medical treatments and enormous stress for the victim’s family.


If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. To determine if another person is liable for your injuries, it is important to seek the advice of  experienced Oklahoma Personal Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. The attorneys at The Handley Law Center are seasoned injury attorneys who have helped countless motorcycle injury victims. At The Handley Law Center our attorneys understand the devastating impact a motorcycle injury can be for an injury victim and his or her family. To schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our seasoned injury attorneys, contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924. No one fights harder for motorcycle injury victims than us!



Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys Address Common Divorce Myths

Chances are that if you are contemplating filing for divorce, you have at least one friend or family member that is divorced. With a significant number of marriages ending in divorce, it seems like everyone knows someone who has been or is now going through a divorce. One problem with this is that sometimes people think they understand the law and the divorce process and start giving out “advice” and this advice is often based on myth—not law. Myths are problematic in that while the information they purpose is false, it sounds like it could be true. Even more problematic is when a person delays filing for divorce or worries unnecessarily after relying on a divorce myth.  The following are some of the most common divorce myths floating around:

  1. Cheating spouses are punished in the divorce process. Every divorce attorney has had a client come into his or her office that thinks he or she will receive a bigger share of the assets or have a better chance at being awarded custody because his or her spouse had an affair or was caught cheating. Unfortunately, the law and the judge hearing your divorce case does not care if your spouse was unfaithful during the marriage. That is because most divorces are “no fault” meaning that the spouse filing for divorce does not have to prove wrong doing to be granted the divorce. A court also cannot take into account a person’s adulterous behavior when making a decision as to how the assets will be divided or who should be granted custody of the children.
  2. Divorce is harmful to children. Too often one or both spouses stay in a marriage only for the reason that it would be harmful to the children if they divorced. While the divorce process can be stressful on children as well as adults, the process is not in and of itself harmful. If parents can work together through the divorce by keeping their children at the forefront, then the process is much easier on the children. Children are harmed when one or both parents use them as pawns to hurt the other parent. Also if there is a lot of tension and/or conflict in the home, children pick up on that too. Children just want to be in a stable and loving environment, even if that means their parents do not live together.
  3. Mothers always win custody battles. Sometimes fathers who are in a good position to argue for residential or sole custody do not, because they think the court is pro mothers. This is simply not true. While this myth seemed to be on a slow decline for a while, it has raised its ugly head more recently with attorneys touting to be “father’s rights” advocates. It is important to note that there is no law that gives mothers preference over fathers when it comes to a court making custody decisions. Rather courts must make custody decisions based what is in the “best interest of the child” standard. As part of that standard a court can take into consideration the children’s primary caretaker, which due to societal norms is often the mother. But primary caretaker is just one factor the court can consider, not the only factor.

If you are considering filing for divorce it is important to find an experienced divorce attorney who will carefully review your case and help you separate fact from fiction. The Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys at The Handley Law Center are compassionate advocates who know the law and can help you navigate through the process. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our highly skilled divorce attorneys, contact The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924. At The Handley Law Center we pride ourselves on providing divorce clients with top-notch legal services.