Oklahoma Accident Attorneys Say a Distracted Driver is a Deadly Driver

We live in a world today where you can hop on the internet using a tablet or iPad to make last minute dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant. You can even use an app on your smart phone to determine which gas station nearest to where you live has the lowest gas prices.  In many ways these technologies have made our lives easier—so much so that we have become addicted to using these devices for everything, regardless of where we are or what we are doing. This is especially the case when it comes to driving.

The term “distracted driving” is not new, nor is the concept. For years people have tried to accomplish different feats while driving, whether it be reading a map or gobbling down fast food. However, recently distracted driving has become a major safety concern with the growing popularity and prevalence of smart phones and smart devices. The National Safety Council estimates that up to 25 percent of automobile accidents involve a driver that is using his or her cell phone to either talk or text.

Using a handheld cellphone or smart device while driving is particularly dangerous because it impairs all three major areas of a driver’s focus. First, talking on a handheld cell phone physically impairs a driver because his or her hands are not able to both be on the steering wheel. If a driver would need to make a sudden maneuver for example, like swerving to avoid hitting an oncoming vehicle, he or she needs both hands on the wheel to make such a maneuver. Second, a driver who is using a handheld cell phone is visually impaired because he or she is looking down at the phone to dial a phone number or to text. Those mere moments when a driver’s vision is not on the road, can lead to an accident, such as the driver hitting a pedestrian or rear-ending a slower moving vehicle. Lastly and arguable most importantly, a driver that is using a cell phone is cognitively impaired. When a driver is chatting to a friend, recalling recent events or telling a story, he or she has her mind on what he or she is talking about and his or her mind is not fully devoted to the task of driving.

It is estimated that using a cell phone to text can increase the likelihood that a driver will be involved in an accident by 23 fold. Despite this fact, in Oklahoma, only those drivers with a learner’s permit or intermediate license are prohibited from using a handheld cell phone to talk or text. Regardless of the law, distracted driving is illegal. To ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and fellow motorists and pedestrians, a driver should never talk or text while driving. If you truly do need to use your phone, pull over to the side of the road and park the car to make the phone call.

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Charged with Possession? Why You Need to Hire an Experienced Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you refer to it as “marijuana” or call it by one of its hosts of other names such as “weed”, “dope” or “pot,” one thing remains the same – possession of marijuana in the state of Oklahoma is illegal. Unlike some of its neighboring states, Oklahoma law does not allow marijuana to be used for recreational or medical purposes. In fact, the penalties for the mere possession of marijuana are some of the most severe in the country.  If you have been charged with possession, it is in your best interests to hire a seasoned Oklahoma criminal defense attorney. If you are considering representing yourself, think again.  With this in mind, the following are three of the biggest reasons why you should strongly consider hiring a criminal defense attorney, if you have not already:

  • The consequences are serious: One reason why an individual charged with a drug offense may think that he or she does not need an attorney, is that he or she is unfamiliar with the penalties that even a minor drug charge can carry. A first time offender who is charged with possession of marijuana faces serious consequences. Possession of even a small amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine of $1,000 and up to a year in jail—a penalty that is very similar to an individual charged with driving under the influence (DUI). If the possession charge is a person’s second drug charge within a 10 year span, the person is now charged with a felony and is looking at a fine up to $5,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison. Keep in mind these penalties are for just possession of marijuana. If a person is caught with the intent to sell or is “dealing,” he or she can face life in prison.
  • No breaks for Pro se Litigants: Being “pro se” or representing yourself on criminal charges while an option, is never the best decision. Criminal defense attorneys have spent years honing their craft and are familiar with not only the relevant laws, but also with courtroom procedure. Do not be fooled into thinking that the State’s Attorney will go easy on you, or that the Judge will cut you a break since you do not have an attorney. The State’s Attorney is going to proceed the same way he or she would normally proceed, regardless of whether you are represented by an attorney. The Judge is going to hold you to the same high standards as he or she would an experienced attorney.
  • Experience equals results: Only an experienced criminal defense attorney is familiar with the laws relevant to your case. He or she will also have experience handling numerous cases with facts similar to the facts in your case. This is extremely important because the attorney can draw upon these experiences to obtain the best results for you. A seasoned criminal defense attorney may be able to use her or her experience to negotiate with the State’s Attorney to drop the charges all together or to negotiate a settlement.

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Why Reaching a Divorce Settlement May Be in Your Best Interest

Divorcing spouses are often surprised by how much control they lose over their lives and their future once a divorce is on file. Suddenly many of life’s decisions are in the hands of a judge. However, it does not necessarily have to be that way. One way to gain some control over the divorce process is to reach a settlement rather than proceed to a trial. Whether done through use of a mediator or a conference with both spouses and their respective attorneys, settlement is often in a divorcing spouse’s best interests. The following are five of the top reasons why opting for a settlement, rather than a trial, may be the smarter decision:

  1. The Cost: Trials are never cheap and this includes a divorce trial. Attorneys must spend countless hours preparing a case for trial and in the legal world, time is money. The more money each spouse spends on trial, the less money there will at the end to divide amongst the parties. You and your spouse will also both need to take off of work to be present at the trial. If you do not have adequate vacation time, you will have to unpaid time off. You may also need to factor in the cost of childcare or after school care if you have minor children.
  2. The Time: For most divorcing spouses the legal process moves much slower than they would like it to. If you want your case to be decided at trial it may take a lot longer, considering a trial date must be scheduled and often Judges’ calendars are very busy.
  3. Winning is not perfect: Sometimes a spouse wants to go to trial, rather than consider settlement, because they want to claim a victory over their soon to be ex in court. However, in divorce there is often no real “winners”. The Judge may rule in your favor on some issues but against you in others. It is rare that a spouse walks away from a trial thinking they truly received everything they wanted or felt like they deserved.
  4. Customizable agreement: One of the biggest advantages to a settlement agreement is that spouses can fashion an agreement that is customized to them. This is of critical importance when it comes to a parenting agreement. Divorcing spouses are often unaware that Judges at trial tend to apply a one size fits all philosophy to parenting agreements, which often do not take into consideration the unique circumstances of the family.
  5. Judge is a stranger: Often divorcing spouses forget that a Judge is a stranger to them, their marriage and their children. Judges are charged with the task of deciding both financial and custody related decisions that will impact the family for years to come, after hearing mere hours of testimony at trial.
  6. Quicker recovery: A divorce is as much of a legal process as it is an emotional one. Spouses that reach a settlement agreement typically shorten the length of the divorce process and speed up the recovery process for not only themselves but also their children.

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Making the decision to settle versus go to trial can be difficult for many people going through a divorce. However, you can make that decision a whole lot easier and with more confidence when you have an experienced and knowledgeable Oklahoma divorce attorney handling your case. At The Handley Law Center you can trust that one of our seasoned divorce attorneys will take the time to understand your situation and review all of your legal options with you. We invite you to call The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924 to schedule your free and completely confidential consultation today.