Oklahoma Injury Attorney Talks About Teaching Your Child School Bus Safety

The first day of school is a very big deal for both parents and children. Children get to pick out new school supplies, new clothes and shoes. Even a bigger deal for a small child is the first time he or she can ride the big yellow school bus with the other children. Riding the bus can be very fun and exciting for a child. Parents should feel fairly safe allowing their children to ride the school bus, as these vehicles are designed to be safe. However, every year children are killed in school bus (or a non-school bus acting as a school bus) related accidents. To protect your child from a school bus accident, take the time to teach your child good school bus safety habits, including the following:

  • No Horseplay: Teach your child that a bus stop is no place for horseplay. It is too easy for a child to get distracted by a game of tag or even a game of catch. All it takes is for one child to accidentally run into the street avoid being tagged or to run after a ball to be hit by a passing car or bus.
  • Do not approach a bus until you get the green light from the driver: Often children are eager to climb aboard a bus, anxious to pick out the best seat or to snag spot next to a best friend. It is too easy for a child to trip and fall while approaching a moving bus to be injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that you instruct your child to wait patiently at least five giant steps from the curb where the bus will stop. This provides an adequate buffer zone between your child and the bus.
  • Sit do not stand: Once upon the bus, tell your child to take a seat and remain seated throughout the ride to school. A bus is designed for safety, but a child can be injured if he or she is up and about while the bus is in motion. The safest way for a child to ride on the bus is when he or she is firmly seated and facing the front of the bus.
  • Always listen to the driver: Make sure that your child understands that the bus driver is in charge while he or she is on the bus. The bus driver may have important instructions and rules that need to be followed on the bus, so it is very important to listen carefully to the bus driver at all times.
  • Be careful exiting the bus: A child can be so excited to get home and see mom or dad that the child may be tempted to run down the steps of the bus. Once off the bus, the NHTSA recommends that a child again take at least five big steps away from the bus. This not only allows for the child to be a safe distance from the bus, but it also make it easier for the bus driver to be able to see the child as bus drives away.
  • Cross the street with care: Remind your child that before crossing the street in front of a bus (or any other vehicle for that matter) that he or she first get the go ahead signal from the driver.

If your child or loved one was injured in a school bus related accident, you need an experienced Oklahoma injury attorney. Contact The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924 to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation. As an Injury victim you are entitled to answers and compensation for your injuries. The seasoned injury attorneys at the Handley Law Center are well accomplished both in and out of the courtroom. You can the trust the team of professionals at the Handley Law Center to provide with you with superior legal services.

Is Filing for Divorce at the Top of Your List of New Year’s Resolutions?

In law firms across the country, a strange thing occurs almost every year. Sometime around November the number of individuals filing for divorce slows down dramatically. Then right around the beginning of January the number of individual seeking to file for divorce dramatically increases. If you have felt that January might be the right time for you to file for divorce, you are definitely not alone. Individuals have many different reasons for waiting to file at the beginning of a new year. Here are some of the most reasons why people want wait until after the New Year to file:

The holiday test: Although the holidays can be a fun and exciting time of year, they can also be very stressful, especially on a marriage that is already in turmoil. A spouse in a troubled marriage may make a mental note to revisit the idea of filing for divorce after the holidays. If the couple can survive the drama and chaos that can sometimes make up the holiday season, the spouse may reason, the marriage can endure. For others, the holidays prove too much for the rocky marriage to handle and file shortly thereafter.

One last holiday together: Whether the divorce is a mutual idea between the spouses or not, the holidays can be a difficult time to file for divorce especially if the couple has children. Sometimes spouses agree to put up a good front so the children can enjoy one last holiday together with both parents. Others simply agree that they do not want to ruin the children’s holiday by trying to file and/or separate right before or during the holidays. There is never a perfect time to file for divorce, especially when there are children involved, but many people decide that there are better times than the holidays to file.

New Year, new beginning: In late December, many individuals take part in the tradition of making a list of New Year’s Resolutions. For some, the lists may include losing weight, stopping smoking, eating healthier and working out more often. For others, the list may be just as simple and straight-forward as file for divorce. It is hard to say how the flip of the calendar from one year to the next can bring about such a renewed sense in people the confidence to move forward. If you think your marriage is in such a state that it is beyond all repair, then the New Year may be a good time for you to file for divorce.

Money: The old saying that “two people can live cheaper than one”, is not just a saying it is the truth. Divorcing couples will incur additional living expenses and need to come up with the retainer for an attorney. Unfortunately, the divorce process is not always an inexpensive venture. The New Year often poses a good time for cash-strapped couples who want to divorce the ability to do so, since holiday and/or year-end bonuses and the promise of a tax return provide the much needed cash.

No matter the reason, only you can decide when the right time is for you to file for divorce. When you have made that decision, the most important thing to do is to speak with an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney. At The Handley Law Center, we offer a free and completely confidential consultation. One of our seasoned divorce attorneys will sit down with you and take the time to understand your situation and provide you with the best legal options to meet your particular needs. You can trust The Handley Law Center to be by your side throughout the divorce process. Contact The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924 to schedule your initial consultation today.

Have a Motorcycle? Get Safety Gear!

No one plans to be in a motorcycle accident. However, every time you hop on your motorcycle, you should take the necessary precautions to prevent injury to yourself in the case you are involved in a crash. One of the things every motorcyclist can do to prevent injury to him or herself in the event of a wreck is to wear the proper gear. Proper motorcycle gear is not just for looks. When worn properly, protective gear can provide a valuable layer of protection between the rider and elements. Before you head out on your next ride, make sure that you have invested in quality motorcycle safety gear, including:

  • Protective Clothing: Long pants and a long-sleeve jacket are needed to protect a rider from the elements. In case of an accident, these will be the only materials between your skin and the pavement.
  • Gloves: Gloves will not only help a rider with his or her grip, but also serve to protect the rider’s hands in the event the rider is thrown from his or her bike. The hands are important as it is a natural reflex for a person to brace a fall by using his or her hands.
  • Boots: A quality pair of boots is a must for any rider. Not only will a pair of boots protect your feet, unlike a pair of sneaks, boots will also protect and give additional support to your ankles as well. Select a pair that are made of sturdy materials that have a good slip-resistant sole.
  • Helmet: There are five general types of helmets on the market that riders can choose from, which include full, modular, off-road, three quarters (or open face) and half. Although you may see all five types of helmets for sale online and in stores, it does not mean all helmet types provide the same amount of protection. The full face helmet is designed to give the rider the most protection, as it covers the entire head including the base of the skull and the chin area. Unlike the half helmet, which leaves these two areas exposed. The more areas of the face and head that are left uncovered by the helmet, the less protection the helmet provides in the event of a crash. Select a helmet that meets the following criteria:
    • Seals of Approval: Narrow down your helmet search to only those helmets that have received the approval of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Snell Memorial Foundation. A helmet that has received approval from will assure a rider a safe and quality made helmet.
    • New: There are certain things you should never buy used and a helmet should be one of those items.
    • Fits Snugly: You wear a helmet to protect you in event of an accident. The helmet will not provide much protection if it does not fit the rider snugly. Another reason not to purchase a used helmet is because with time a helmet will mold to the rider’s head.
  • Face and/or eye protection: Not only will quality face and eye protection keep flying debris including rocks and bugs out of the rider’s eyes, it will also protect the rider’s face in the event of a crash.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a motorcycle accident you need the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. The Oklahoma accident attorneys at The Handley Law Center are seasoned injury attorneys who have represented numerous motorcycle injury victims. Contact The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924 to schedule your free and confidential consultation with one of our skilled injury attorneys. At the Handley Law Center we know all too well the devastating personal and financial effects that a motorcycle injury can have on a person. No one fights harder for motorcycle injury victims than us!

Non-Custodial Parents: How to Make Visitation Better For Your Child

Visitation schedules can be tricky for both parents and children. Children that were once free go to a friend’s house or play at the park on Tuesdays after school may now learn that they have to go visit Mommy or Daddy every Tuesday instead. Even worse, a child that wants to spend time with Mommy (or Daddy) on Wednesday evening may realize that they cannot see that parent until Thursday evening. Even though it may be difficult for a child to understand the how’s and why’s of a visitation agreement, there are things even a non-custodial parent can do to make visitation easier on a child. The following are a few tips to help ensure sure that visitation is a positive experience for your child.

Keep it polite: Whether you and your ex are on friendly terms or not, a visitation exchange is not the time to inquire into your ex’s personal life. If you think any conversation including a polite hello would start an argument with your ex, then do not say anything at all. Instead focus all of your attention on your child and his or her transition between your ex and you.

Pick up the phone: If your child is missing the other parent maybe suggest that your child call to talk to that parent or see if he or she is available by Skype. Even if it affects “your” parenting time, a few minutes chatting with the missed parent may actually improve the quality of your time together with your child. This is especially true for young children during vacation or weekend parenting time.

Transport your children yourself: Try not to have anyone other than you be present to exchange your child for visitation, unless in case of an emergency (i.e., you are stuck at work, car broke down, etc.).

Keep significant others out of visitation until well established: Always keep in mind that divorce is difficult for children and they may have problems expressing those feelings. Therefore, it is a good idea not to have your significant other share in your parenting time until the relationship is serious and the children have had time plenty of time to adjust to the divorce.

Consistency is key: If bedtime is usual 8:00 pm do not allow the children to stay up late just to win a few cool parent brownie points. Children need their sleep and more importantly need consistency in their routine, especially after a recent split between their parents.

Keep all visitation and if you cannot cancel with proper notice: Nothing is worse for a child than looking forward to spending time with a parent, only for that parent to cancel at the last minute, or worse, forget. Try to keep all of your visitation and if you cannot for some reason make your visitation, let the child and your ex know as soon as possible.

Make all time quality time: Every time you see your children is does not have to the equivalent to a trip to Disneyland. Rather than try to impress your children for the relatively short period of time they are with you, try to keep it normal. Help with homework, if needed or share in an activity that they enjoy.

If you are a parent in the midst of a custody dispute or are considering filing for divorce you need an experienced family law attorney by your side to protect your best interests. Contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924 to schedule your free and completely confidential consultation with one of our experienced Oklahoma family law attorneys. The Handley Law Center prides itself on providing clients with top-notch legal services. The attorneys at The Handley Law Center will make sure that your legal rights and make sure that all is done to protect your children.

What to Do Before Meeting with an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney

After you have researched divorce attorneys by reviewing websites and sifting through recommendations from friends and family members you decide to make an appointment. With the appointment around the corner, you just sit and wait, right? Wrong! An initial consultation is an important meeting. Not only are you interviewing the attorney who will be representing you in the divorce, but you also need to utilize this rather brief meeting to gain a better understanding regarding your case. To maximize this free consultation, it is best if you can take a few hours before the meeting to organize and prepare. The more things you can do prior to your meeting, will make the initial consultation easier for you and much more productive. Here is a list of things you should do before your initial consultation:

Prepare to Go Solo: Meeting with an attorney to discuss filing for divorce is a very serious conversation. One that requires your full undivided attention. If you have minor children, make arrangements for a friend or family member to watch them so that you can attend the meeting solo. You also do not want to bring your spouse with you to this appointment. Regardless of how amicable you think the divorce will be, an attorney can only represent one spouse in a divorce action.

Gather Information: In order for any attorney to be able to understand your personal situation he or she will need certain information from you. To make the most of your meeting, gather the following information ahead of time:

    • Contact information: including addresses and phone numbers for you and your spouse;
    • Personal information: full names, date of birth and social security numbers for your spouse and your children; and
    • Marriage information including date, county and state that the marriage took place.

Compile Documents: For an attorney to be able to answer questions related to division of assets, child support and spousal support, he or she will need an understanding of your assets and finances. To enable the attorney to glean insight into your financial picture, compile copies of the following documents:

  • Tax returns for last three years;
  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial contracts;
  • Most recent bank statements;
  • Income related documents such as paystubs. If a spouse is self-employed bring all business related records;
  • Retirement and investment account statements; and
  • A list of all assets and liabilities and any documentation related to same, such as credit card statements or mortgage documents.

Organize Your Thoughts: Although it may sound obvious, try to take a little bit of time before the meeting to think about what you want to accomplish at the meeting with the attorney. What information did you need from the attorney? What questions do you have? Do you have any concerns that attorney should know about? You do not want to spend the entire session telling the attorney about your relationship, because otherwise, you will have not have time to discuss much else.

Write down questions: You do not want to leave an initial consultation only to realize when you are five minutes down the road that you forgot to ask an important question. Take the time to organize your thoughts and write down all of your questions. Before you leave the meeting consult the list to make sure you did not forget any questions.

If you are considering ending your marriage, you need an experienced family law attorney to protect your rights. To schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys, call The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924. At the Handley Law Center we understand that deciding to file for divorce is a life changing decision and we will be here with you every step of the way. At The Handley Law Center we pride ourselves on providing our clients with superior legal services.