What You Should Know About Oklahoma Underride Collisions

There are many types of trucking accidents however, what unites them all is the fact that they can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. In other words, when automobiles collide with large tractor trailers, the results can be devastating at any speed.  One of the most deadly trucking accidents in Oklahoma is what is known as an “underride collision”.   These reportedly account for 25% of trucking accident fatalities in the United States.  For those who survive these types of accidents, their lives unfortunately are never the same.  Specifically, they often face lifelong and painful disabilities, including paralysis, amputations and other catastrophic injuries.

What is an underride collision?

An underride collision occurs when a car collides with truck and gets trapped underneath it, which can sheer off the roof of a car and crush it.  There are two types of underride collisions.  The first one is known as a rear underride collision, which refers to a situation in which a vehicle slides under the rear of a large truck.  The second type of underride collision is called a side underride collision, which is where a vehicle gets trapped underneath the side of a truck.

What are the consequences of an underride collision?

If a car slides completely under a truck, what often happens is that the roof is sheared off during impact, often resulting in the tragic death of the driver and his or her passengers.  In the event that a truck has underride collision barriers, this may reduce the severity of injuries and the accident as a whole.

What causes underride collisions?

There are many causes of underride collisions.  As for rear underride collisions, they typically occur at night and when a truck’s taillights are blocked, dirty or not working properly.  These also tend to occur when trucks are moving slowly and not using emergency flashers to alert other drivers.  With regard to side underride collisions, these frequently occur when side lighting is inadequate or not functioning properly.  Meaning, when a truck lacks proper side lighting, a car can easily veer into a truck’s lane and get caught underneath it.

How is Fault Determined in Oklahoma Underride Collisions?

Following an underride collision in Oklahoma, accident investigators are typically called to the scene to gather evidence, determine what happened, and render a conclusion regarding fault.  Trucking companies often have their own investigators that they use to try and minimize their liability in these types of accidents.  

What should I do if I was injured in an underride collision?

The obvious answer is that you should seek medical attention immediately.  Once you have been medically stabilized, it is crucial that you consult with an attorney Oklahoma trucking accident experienced at handling these types of cases.  Underride collisions are serious and require the expertise of a skilled Oklahoma underride accident attorney who will effectively fight for your rights.  Moreover, experienced trucking accident attorneys can also work with a team of investigators to help you recount the events leading up to the accident and establish causation and fault in your case.

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Tips on Record Keeping after a Car Accident in Oklahoma

Following a car accident in Oklahoma, it is easy to become embroiled in anger and emotion, especially if you or a loved one has been injured.  In fact, the more emotionally affected you become over the situation, the more likely you will forget about the underlying details giving rise to your accident.  As difficult as it may be to rehash painful memories, the best thing that you can do after your accident is to jot down the details of same in a journal so that you do not forget any details related thereto.  Forgetting crucial facts from your accident can be extremely damaging, as it weakens your chances of succeeding on a personal injury and/or insurance claim.   Since car accident cases are resolved based upon the totality of the facts, it is best to start writing everything down from the start so that nothing is missed later on.

The first thing that you should include in your journal is a comprehensive description of your accident, including all of the relevant details.  While not exhaustive, it is important to include in your summary a list of the following:

  • the names and contact information of the people who were involved in the accident
  • where the incident happened
  • the weather and other conditions at the time of the crash, including whether it was light out or dark, etc.
  • the names and contact information of witnesses to your accident
  • a detailed description of the injuries that you or your passengers sustained
  • where you were treated and what you were specifically diagnosed with
  • a description of your medical treatment and progress
  • any statements by witnesses and/or the other driver involved in the crash

Do not forget to supplement the above with additional information as it becomes available. Altogether, a detailed summary of the facts may make or break your case, and as such, it is crucial to keep on top of them.  Simply put, make sure that your journal helps, not hurts, your case.  In essence, write the details down as if the insurance company were to review them and render its decision therefrom.   Keep in mind that your insurance company as well as that of the other driver may need to obtain more information from you during their respective investigations of the crash.  Accordingly, the more detailed and accurate information you have, the better chance you will have in prevailing on your claim.

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Tips on How to Effectively Co-Parent Your Children in Oklahoma

Working out the details of a joint custody arrangement, especially following an acrimonious divorce, can be emotionally draining as well as highly infuriating.  Specifically, it can be highly challenging to simply let things go and move on with your ex in order to successfully co-parent your children.   For instance, after the pain and conflict associated with your divorce, you may not feel that up for dealing with making shared decisions with your ex, let alone having to interact with them in any capacity whatsoever.   Accordingly, while it is true that co-parenting is no simple task, it is best way in which to meet your children’s needs and ensure that they retain a close relationship with both parents.  With this in mind, the following are some tips to help you co-parent with your ex:

  • Set your anger aside.  Realize that your divorce is over and there is nothing you can do to change the past.  As such, let it all go and try your best to keep your emotions at bay, at least for your children’s sake.   This way, you can more effectively make decisions with your ex and keep your children’s best interests in mind.
  • Let your emotions out somewhere else.  Specifically, never vent your frustrations or anger out on your kids.  That is what you have friends, family or even a therapist for – to listen to you and validate your feelings.  Also, taking healthy steps such as engaging in exercise or participating in a yoga class may further help you to keep focused and less stressed as you learn to co-parent your children.
  • Keep your thoughts about your ex to yourself in front of your kids. Meaning, do not badmouth your ex when your children are present.  This only hurts them and can be extremely emotionally damaging.  Regardless of how angry you feel towards your ex, try your best to co-parent with an open mind and do not use your children as your sounding board when it comes to how you feel about their other parent.
  • Remember that it is all about your kids.  So, when the tension mounts and you feel like punching your ex, keep in mind that your kids are all that matters.  Hopefully, this can help calm you down and help you to realize that your ex doesn’t matter – your kids do.
  • Learn how to use your body.   Consciously making an effort to take in deep breaths, put your shoulders down, and stand up/sit up straight can have a calming effect, resulting in less tension-filled communication.
  • Do not use your children as messengers.  If you need to communicate something to your ex, do not have your children do your dirty work.  Bite the bullet and do it yourself.  Your goal should always be to keep your kids out of the conflict, so emailing, calling or texting your ex yourself is much better than having your kids serve as messengers – which can lead to miscommunications and a whole host of additional consequences.

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Jackknife Accidents Involving Trucks in Oklahoma

There are many types of trucking accidents that occur across the State of Oklahoma.  Specifically, trucks of all shapes and sizes are involved in accidents involving side swipes, rear end collisions, rollovers, fires, battery explosions, and brake failures.  However, the most deadly of all trucking accidents involves what is known as a jackknife accident.  Jackknife accidents, especially with larger and heavier trucks, can cause serious and sometimes life threatening injuries to victims.  Moreover, they can also cause thousands of dollars in property damage.

If you have been involved in a jackknife accident and want to learn more about your rights, it is important to consult with an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases.  Only a skilled Oklahoma trucking accident attorney has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you get the compensation you deserve.  For over 20 years, I have been successfully representing victims of jackknife accidents located throughout the State of Oklahoma.

What exactly is a jackknife accident?  While these can take various forms, they commonly refer to a situation where a tractor spins into its trailer, typically after a trucker abruptly applies the brakes.  The result of this type of accident can cause a truck to skid out of control and create a large wall of moving force that strikes everything in its path before stopping. Typically, driver error is to blame for causing jackknife accidents however, several other causes abound as well.  The key when facing a jackknife accident is to determine what specifically went wrong with driver, the truck, or something else.  Getting to the root of the cause is the first step in determining the scope of your legal options and how to maximize your chances of recovering.

Successful lawsuits involving jackknife accidents are generally the result of top notch forensic investigation and superior legal representation.  Meaning, when you work with a seasoned Oklahoma trucking accident attorney, he or she can help you identify those responsible for your injuries and how much your case is likely worth.  Otherwise stated, only an attorney can help you determine whether the driver, dispatcher, roadway workers or even truck manufacturers are to blame for your jackknife accident.  Through examining the facts of your case and consulting with experts to get to the bottom of what happened, an attorney can make a huge difference in your case.  They can also help you recover money for your injuries, lost income as well as your medical expenses.

For more information, contact The Handley Law Center today at 405-295-1924 to schedule a free initial and completely confidential consultation.  Our seasoned Oklahoma personal injury attorneys will take the time necessary to examine your case, advise you of your options and answer all of your questions – absolutely free.  Don’t wait to obtain the money you deserve.  Call us today to learn more about our superior legal services!