Improper Truck Loading Cause Serious Accidents in Oklahoma

Certainly at some point you have seen a truck on the road that has been overloaded or whose cargo appears to be lopsided and ready to fall off.  Not only can this situation be extremely frightening to other drivers, it can also cause serious and sometimes catastrophic accidents.  To illustrate, a large truck that is not properly loaded and secured is not able to negotiate sharp turns and other road conditions as easily.  Not to mention that these trucks – many weighing 80,000 pounds or more – already have a hard enough time stopping given their huge size and weight.  When these situations combine, they can have disastrous consequences, including serious injury and even death.

In addition, a truck whose cargo is not properly stored can easily rollover or veer into  other lanes due to improper weight distribution, causing it to side swipe other vehicles in its path.  Moreover, many accidents happen when unsecured or improperly secured objects and materials  fall from a truck, such as construction debris, liquids and chemicals, rocks, pebbles, cement, tarps, and other types of covers.

Not surprisingly, many of these accidents occur on busy highways and other roads that trucks frequent in order to deliver or haul away materials.  Other accidents of this sort also happen at store and warehouse loading docks, where innocent victims are struck while unloading a truck with unsecured goods.  While not every accident can be prevented, there are certain steps that truckers can take to avoid these highly dangerous hazards, such as the following:

  1. Before leaving for your destination, check all of your cargo to make sure that it is secured properly and unable to move.
  2. Conduct an inspection of your truck and the materials that you are hauling to ensure that everything is properly secured and balanced.
  3. Weigh your truck with its goods to make sure that it complies with all weight requirements.
  4. Be sure to keep your truck in good repair and to regularly check your tires, brake systems and other areas that are more vulnerable to wear and tear.
  5. Consult with your employer to make sure that you are following all local and state regulations regarding proper truck loading.
  6. Have another employee assist you in loading your truck should you be dealing with extremely heavy or oversized cargo.

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Tips on Coping During Your Oklahoma Divorce

No one knows how difficult a divorce case is until they have been through the process.  Regardless of the circumstances, it is never easy when a marriage ends and you have to move on with your life, separately.   Sometimes, this can cause even the strongest person to feel like their world is being turned upside down, which can lead to anxiety, depression and a whole host of unsettled feelings.  However, there are things you can do to cope with your feelings and get through this difficult time.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Learn how to love yourself.  Just because you do not have the love you once had from your former spouse doesn’t mean that you can’t love yourself.   Understandably, it is easier said than done, but, it does help you cope with the feelings of loss and sadness over your divorce.
  2. Pamper yourself.   Try and do some things to pamper yourself, such as getting a massage or a make-over.  There is nothing wrong with doing some things to make yourself feel better.  Heck, a divorce is very difficult and you should try and take the heat off of yourself and have a little “you” time for a change.
  3. Don’t go through the process alone.  Despite not wanting to burden people about the drama associated with your divorce, there is a reason why you have friends and family.  Pick up the phone and call a supportive loved one for a listening ear.  There are also divorce support groups – either in person or online – that can help you get through this very difficult time.  Moreover, consider contacting a therapist to talk to should you prefer a more private setting to discuss your feelings.
  4. Give yourself a break.  Do yourself a favor – allow yourself to feel and function a bit less than optimal for a while.  Realize that it is ok to not be as productive or focused as you would like to be.  Although extended periods of this can be warning sign of something more serious such as depression, do not be hard on yourself after your divorce should you be feeling blue.   With that being said, don’t try and be a super person – give yourself time to heal, regroup and refresh.
  5. Grieving is ok.  Whether it be a death in the family or the loss of a partner due to divorce, it is all relative.  Meaning, you are dealing with a loss, despite whether you wanted the divorce or not.  That is why it is important to allow yourself to feel your feelings and feel saddened over your divorce.  It is never easy to part ways with someone who we have been with for an extended period of time.

To learn more about your legal options, contact The Handley Law Center to schedule your initial case evaluation.  Our highly seasoned team of legal advocates represent clients located throughout the State of Oklahoma in all types of family law proceedings, including orders of protection, custody battles, and high-value divorce cases.  We invite you to contact us at 405-295-1924 to find out more about how we can make a difference for you.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes When Going Through a Oklahoma Divorce

Navigating through the complexities associated with a divorce can be extremely difficult.  Specifically, there are many factors to consider, including taxes, emotions, and other challenging issues that can overwhelm even the strongest-willed person. Sometimes, these aspects of a divorce can influence people to make inadvertent, yet highly detrimental, mistakes that can cause major headaches later on.  Moreover, they can also lead to a number of pitfalls and problems should actions not be taken to prevent them.  As such, consider the following tips to help you move on and seamlessly transition to your life, post-divorce:

  • Lose the emotional attachments.  Easier said than done however, this is one of the most crucial steps you can take during your divorce case.  The quicker you get a hold of your emotions and lose your emotional connection to things (such as your marital residence, or gifts from your spouse), the easier it will be to separate out your property and decide what financially makes sense to keep.  So, even if you spouse bought you your car, but after your divorce it will be too expensive to hold onto, consider selling it. The sooner you can break yourself free of the emotional attachment, the easier it will be to manage your finances and other important aspects of your life after you are divorced.
  • Make a clean financial break.  Failing to detach yourself financially from your spouse can be a true nightmare.  While it is certainly challenging to separate out your assets and liabilities, it is important to take this huge step as it can save you major hassles once your divorce case is finalized.  For instance, having an ex-spouse who is still relying upon your credit to survive can seriously affect your credit score.
  • Do not punish your ex.  Never use your divorce (as it is underway) as an excuse to punish your ex.  This not only can cost you a lot during your divorce case, it can also result in significant emotional trauma for your children.
  • Write everything down.  Failing to keep a journal, especially in a highly contested “he said, she said” type divorce case can cause significant legal headaches during your case.  That is why it is important to keep a journal and write down all the facts pertaining to your divorce, what lead up to it, what has been said between you and your ex, etc.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear.  Well intentioned co-workers, friends and family may, out of their own past divorce experiences, offer you advice however, it is best to rely upon your attorney in this regard.  Not only can bad advice be misleading, it can also influence you to make mistakes in your case that could end up having negative consequences.
  • Let it go.  No matter how much you try, nothing will likely bring you and your ex back together again once you are divorced. Meaning, once it is over – it is over.  That is why it is crucial to let things go and make positive steps to move on with your life.  Beating dead horses, so to speak, and rehashing old wounds serves no purpose other than to cause you, and if applicable, your children, much more emotional trauma than necessary.  Perhaps it would help to use some tools of distraction, such as finding a new hobby or sport to partake in to allow you to change gears and focus on something else other than the pain of your divorce.

If you are contemplating a divorce, contact The Handley Law Center for a free confidential consultation with one of our experienced Oklahoma family law attorneys.  You can also contact us during normal business hours at 405-295-1924 to schedule an appointment.  Our seasoned lawyers will take the time to advise you of your legal rights as well as the scope of your options.  Don’t wait until it is too late to obtain the representation you deserve – contact us now to learn more!

Co-Parenting Tips: Communicating with Your Ex Despite a Contentious Divorce in Oklahoma

Peaceful, civil, and meaningful communication with your former spouse is critical to the success of co-parenting – despite how impossible it may seem.   The reality is that it isn’t impossible, as communication and effective co-parenting can be accomplished though a change of mindset.  While you may not want to have to deal with your ex in any way, shape or form, you need to look at it through the lens of your children’s best interests.  Meaning, you are communicating and working together with your ex for the exclusive benefit of your children – which is highly important to most loving and involved parents.  Understandably, conflict can arise beyond your control however, there are ways to minimize the tension between you and your ex by following some important communication tips, such as:

  • Always speak in a business-like tone.  Approaching your relationship with your ex as a business partnership of sorts is helpful, especially when you can see your “business” as that of your children’s wellbeing.  That is why it is essential to take the emotion out of your communications and be respectful, civil and neutral, despite how you angry or frustrated you may feel.
  • Make requests instead of demands.  Rather than demanding your ex to do something, it is much more effective to ask nicely.  For example, starting out a request by stating “would you be willing to do x” rather than, “you must do x”.    Overall, the nicer you are, the more likely you will get what you want.
  • Start listening.  Try your best to listen to your ex, despite how challenging or difficult you find this to be.  If you disagree with your ex on how to address an issue affecting your children, at least listen to their point of view and validate how they feel.  If you are able to do this, then they may also extend this same courtesy to you – resulting in much more effective communication and, co-parenting.
  • Commit to frequently communication with your ex. I know, it sounds terrible, but this is really the best way to convey your message to your children that you are their other parent are on the same page on willing to work together for their benefit.
  • Keep your conversations about your kids.  Do not start hounding your ex about what happened at your divorce trial.  Limit your conversations with your ex to parenting your children.  It isn’t worth anything to rehash the past and start digging up things that only lead to unnecessary anxiety, frustration and anger.
  • Take a big chill pill.  Seriously, you need to relax, despite that we all know it is easier said than done.  By taking a few deep breaths each time before speaking with your ex, it can quickly lower your blood pressure and help you feel instantaneously calmer.

Facing a pending divorce can be extremely difficult.  As such, if you or a loved one is contemplating a divorce, contact The Handley Law Center for a free confidential consultation with one of our experienced Oklahoma family law attorneys.  You can also contact us during normal business hours at 405-295-1924 to schedule an appointment.  We will take the time to review the facts of your case and help you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.  We look forward to hearing from you today!