Oklahoma Accident Attorneys Warn Motorists of the Dangers Winter Weather can have on a Car

Winter weather can be very hard on motor vehicles. But did you know that the salt and chemicals used to treat the roads for snow and ice in fact may wreak just as much havoc on your car as the winter elements themselves? A recent study conducted completed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA found that older model vehicles are especially vulnerable to winter road salt, which can lead to brake pipe corrosion and failure. Motorists who drive model year 2007 or older automobiles need to be aware of the damage that can happen after seven to eight years of exposure to winter road salt. Motorists also should familiarize themselves with the steps each person can take to prevent brake pipe corrosion from road salt. The following preventative measures can help protect your vehicle from brake pipe failure:

  1. Regular maintenance checks. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or prefer to trust your automobile to your local mechanic, routine checks of your vehicle’s brake pipe system are key.
  2. Check your brake fluid levels. If you notice leaking brake fluid under your vehicle, that is sign of a potential problem.
  3. Monitor your brakes: If you start to feel a difference in your vehicle when applying the brakes that is a sure sign that you may have a problem.
  4. Keep your vehicle clean. While avoiding road salt is normally not a possibility, the next best thing is to keep your car clean. A few times each winter wash your car and include an undercarriage wash. This will help remove any accumulated salt and prevent damage.

If you do find that your brake system is starting to corrode, then it is time to take action. Take your vehicle to your mechanic to have him or her perform a formal inspection. Most often the best solution is to replace the entire brake assembly, not just the portion where a problem is visible. When one area of the brake assembly starts to fail, the rest of the system is at serious risk.

If you are driving and notice that your brakes “go out,” it is important to know what you should and should not do in this situation. First, do not panic. Second, do not pump the brakes. The best thing to do is to apply steady constant pressure when braking. When you do this, you may hear a distinctive sound—which is the anti-lock brakes activating. Do not be alarmed. This sound lets you know that the remaining brake circuit is working.

The good news for Oklahomans, is that while winter weather is not fun the amount of salt used by the state to keep the roads safe in winter, is far less than other states. The states with the biggest concern for road salt corrosion are Wisconsin, West Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, District of Columbia, Delaware and Connecticut. However, keeping a vehicle’s undercarriage clean and routine maintenance checks of your vehicle’s brake pipe system are good tips, regardless of how much road salt your car sees each winter.

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Oklahoma Parents Be Aware: Major Baby Food Company Announces Product Recall

It seems like once you have a child, overnight the world suddenly becomes a little scarier of a place. As a parent you know that it is your job to protect your little one from all the dangers in the world. This can lead many new parents to worry. One area where new parents are especially concerned is about the safety of toys and other items their child may encounter. While product recalls are far from uncommon, never is a recall scarier than when it concerns children’s products.

In mid-April the baby food company, Beecher-Nut Nutrition announced that it was voluntarily recalling close to 2,000 pounds of products. The recall is the result of single consumer report in which an individual suffered an oral injury after finding a small fragment of glass inside a jar of baby food. According to the company the recall was issued out of an abundance of caution for its consumers.

The announcement was made by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service or FSIS. The FSIS considers the recall a Class I recall. A Class I recall means that the recall is considered a health hazard situation where there is reasonable chance that ingesting the product could cause serious, negative health consequences or even death.

The following is the pertinent information consumers need to know about the recall:

ü  Name of product being recalled is the 4oz glass jars of “sweet potato & chicken” flavor of Beech-Nut Classics—Stage 2

ü  Product was made on December 12, 2014 and expires December 2016

ü  Includes lot numbers “12395750815” through “12395750821”

ü  the USDA mark of inspection displays the establishment number P-68A

ü  Recalled products were sold nationwide at retailers including Walmart, Wegmans. Babies “R” Us and Price Chopper.

Consumers who have purchased the recalled product are being encouraged to return the jars to the retailer where they purchased the product. Consumers can either opt to exchange the product for a new jar of product or have the purchase price refunded. If a consumer has questions regarding the recall, he or she can contact the company’s consumer hotline by calling 1-866-674-4446.

It is important for consumers to note that no other varieties of baby food or other dates of production for the product are affected by the recall. The upstate New York based company said the recall affects only 768 cases of baby food. The company, a giant in the baby food industry, produces more than 180 million jars of baby food each year.

A recall of this nature can be quite frightening to any parent of a young child. In an effort to calm these fears, some food industry experts opine that recalls for baby food and formula are actually rare. While baby food and formula recalls are far from an everyday occurrence, it is important for consumers to be aware they do indeed occur and when they do, the consequences can be quite severe.

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Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys Advise: Slow Down and Don’t Rush Through a Divorce

There is a common saying that “all good things take time.” While the saying does have its exceptions, it is fairly accurate to say that most major undertakings likely did not happen overnight. This is particularly true when it comes to the area of divorce. For the vast majority of people, the decision to divorce is one that takes time to reach. Oftentimes, couples try things to help or save their marriage, like counseling, before one or both parties decide that the marriage is beyond repair. However, sometimes once a person has made up his or her mind to divorce, he or she wants and/or expects to be divorced in a very short amount of time.

For many people going through a divorce feels like living in a state of “limbo.” While you are technically married, you do not feel or want to be married, but at the same time, the person is not technically single either. This is why people do not want a divorce to linger too long.

The good news is that an experienced divorce attorney understands how trying the divorce process can be on a client and would never want him or her to endure a lengthy divorce. However, speeding through a divorce just to get it done and over with, is also not the right solution. The following are just a few of the major reasons why rushing through a divorce can be problematic:

  • Do not take the time to contemplate the future: After a person decides he or she no longer wants to be married, there are a lot pf decisions that need to be made in order to have the divorce completed. If a person does not take time to contemplate his or her “single” future, it can often be difficult for the person to correctly assess how to divide assets or make decisions that impact his or her future. For example, if a married couple owns a house the decision needs to be made whether the house will be sold or whether one of the parties will keep the property. Deciding to keep (and pay for) a house is dependent on a lot of factors. It is a not a decision that a person should make without truly taking time to contemplate his or her future plans.
  • Fail to consider ramifications: Often in a divorce, the marital settlement agreement is the product of much negotiation by both parties and their respective attorneys. Sometimes clients who are in a hurry to get the divorce over with too quickly, will agree to very unfavorable terms just to avoid the time (and hassle) of negotiation. One example, is a client who decides not to pursue spousal support because he or she hopes that he or she will have enough assets and find a better job quickly—not to warrant the hassle of pursing alimony. This could be a costly mistake because if after a few months after the divorce is completed, the person still cannot find a “better” job, it is often too late to pursue alimony.
  • Experience “buyer’s remorse”: Divorce attorneys often meet with a potential client who need changes to his or her marital settlement or parenting agreement. In some of these cases, the problem the person has with the agreement he or she signed, is that he or she rushed through the divorce process and just signed the agreement because he or she wanted the divorce completed quickly.

If you are considering filing for divorce your goal should be to find a seasoned divorce attorney who can handle your case effectively and efficiently. The Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys at The Handley Law Center are experienced advocates who know how to keep a case moving without sacrificing quality representation. To schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our highly skilled divorce attorneys, contact The Handley Law Center at (405) 295-1924. At The Handley Law Center we pride ourselves on providing divorce clients with top-notch legal services.

Most Common Mistakes Oklahomans Make After Filing for Divorce

The majority of people who file for divorce are represented by (or at the very least consult with) an attorney. This is because people realize the significant impact a divorce can have on nearly every aspect of a person’s life. However, even a person who hires an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney can inadvertently make common mistakes that can hurt his or her case and significantly affect the final outcome. If you are contemplating filing for divorce be sure to avoid making these all too common mistakes:

  • Fighting over personal property on the basis of principle (or revenge). In a divorce each party is entitled to a share of the marital estate. However, there are often certain items that both parties want or to which they feel they deserve. While an heirloom piece of jewelry may warrant spending time and money to attain, the same attention should probably not be given to a toaster. Fighting on principle (or revenge) is not only expensive but it can also make the divorce process unnecessarily antagonistic and stressful.
  • Not participating in the process. Even if you hire an attorney there is a certain amount of work that a client needs to do in order for his or her case to progress. Not paying court ordered expenses or support payments or failing to provide documents pursuant to a request to produce are all too common mistakes clients make. Sticking one’s head in the sand will not make the divorce process any easier or go any faster. In fact, not participating in one’s case can lead to costly delays and even sanctions by the judge.
  • Allowing the divorce process take over one’s life. It is important to not let the divorce process takeover one’s life. Yes, from time to time a client will need to take a very active role in his or her case. But when there is nothing for the client to do to assist his or her attorney, then it is important for him or her to focus on the other just as important aspects of his or life such as children, friends, work/or and family. Finding such a balance is key to have a successful divorce.
  • Not reviewing assets objectively: In deciding what items of personal or real property a client would like to retain after the divorce, it is important to view the items objectively. In other words, do not just look at the present dollar value. For example, a car valued at $25,000 should not be seen to be equal to a savings account or IRA with same dollar value. In 5 years the car will be far worth far less than the present value, while the savings or IRA account will likely have increased in value.
  • Rely on attorney to make important decisions. The major role of any divorce attorney should be to guide a client through the divorce process and to educate the client on the law and what outcomes can be expected. It is not the job of an attorney however, to decide what parenting schedule works best for the client or what items of personal property a client would like to retain.

Unfortunately each year Oklahoma residents make costly mistakes after filing for divorce. However, the good news is that these mistakes are avoidable! This is why it is important when filing for divorce to hire experienced Oklahoma Family Law Attorneys who can help guide you through the process. At The Handley Law Center our attorneys are skilled in providing quality legal representation to both men and women who have made the decision to file for divorce. To schedule a free and completely confidential consultation with one of our seasoned family law attorneys, contact The Handley Law Center today at (405) 295-1924. The Oklahoma Family Law Attorneys at The Handley Law Center will make sure that you receive the best possible legal services.