Bike Helmets Save Lives in Oklahoma

 One of the simplest yet most important pieces of advice that our Oklahoma personal injury attorneys can provide to bicyclists is to always wear a helmet.  However, we continue to hear on the news as well as consult with prospective clients who were seriously injured as a result of failing to use one.  Even more alarming is the fact that more and more children in Oklahoma are killed each year on bicycles as a result of not wearing a helmet.  With this in mind, it continues to baffle us that so many people choose not to take such a simple yet dramatic step to ensure their safety.

A poll conducted in Great Britain, the results of which were published in the British Medical Journal, shed considerable light in this regard.  According to the poll, many people fail to wear helmets given that they feel forced to do so.  In essence, they believe that mandatory helmet laws are way too paternalistic and as such, discourage individuals to engage in bicycling.  In other words, these people feel that legal safety measures encourage people to do the opposite of what the law requires.  In fact, the poll demonstrated that more than 60% of its participants disagree with the imposition of helmet laws.  Additionally, those polled further posited that there is not enough evidence to establish that wearing a helmet truly saves lives.  Moreover, they also provided that mandatory helmet laws unnecessarily give people the impression that biking is an overly dangerous activity that should be avoided at all costs.

Although the above options expressed by poll participants may have some merit, our highly seasoned Oklahoma personal injury attorneys urge people to always wear a helmet when biking.  Contrary to what the majority of those polled believe, bicycling can be extremely dangerous if certain precautions are not taken, such as by wearing a helmet and other protective visible gear.  Additionally, it is also important to consider that many roads are not designed to accommodate bikers, causing them to face significant road hazards and other dangerous conditions.   Overall, it is highly likely that those who were able to walk about from a bicycle accident were wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

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Helping Your Children Cope During Your Oklahoma Divorce Proceeding

Filing for divorce is never an easy process for anyone however, it can be especially difficult for the children of a marriage to bear.  Regardless of the nature of your divorce, children are often left feeing uncertain and depressed about their future once their parents’ divorce case is finalized. Meaning, even if a couple is able to cooperate during their divorce case, it is still challenging for children to accept the dramatic changes happening around them.  As a parent, it is also common to experience anxiety and confusion as to how you will ensure that your children continue to feel loved, appreciated and validated while your divorce case is still underway.   The good news is that there are several steps you can follow to ease the process and make it a whole lot less painful to endure.  These are as follows:

  • Listen to your children. As much as you feel like avoiding your divorce as the constant topic of discussion, it is crucial that you listen to your children and validate their feelings.  They may express anger, sadness, resentment and a whole host of fluctuating emotions.  Remain calm and do what you can to help them feel appreciated, loved, validated and heard.
  • Don’t create polarity in your home.  Regardless of how much you may despise your spouse, it is important to avoid placing your children in the middle of the conflict. Hence, do not disparage your spouse in front of your children.  Your spouse is still the other parent in the equation and deserves to be respected in this regard.
  • Provide constant reassurance.  Children, especially younger ones, require a significant amount of reassurance that Mommy and Daddy still love them and also, that they will continue to be in their lives.  This may help keep them calm during your divorce and also, make it easier for them to accept.
  • Follow the same routine.  Change is difficult on everyone, not just children.  However, they often take it the hardest, requiring you to pursue all steps necessary to maintain their customary routine.  This includes sticking to the same schedule for bedtime, bathing and eating.
  • Always tell the truth.  While your children do not have to be privy to all of the details of your divorce, it is important to answer their questions honestly when asked.  This way, your children can trust you when you try and comfort them or validate their frustrations and concerns.
  • A little extra love and support goes a long way.  Try your best to provide your children with some extra “TLC” for the time being.  No doubt, your divorce is likely very difficult on them and may be affecting them at school and in several other ways.
  • Consult a family therapist.  A family therapist is specifically trained to address families facing crisis, including those dealing with an impending divorce.  Overall, therapists are instrumental in helping parties move forward in a positive and emotionally healthy manner.  They can also help your children find positive coping mechanism to help them get through this troubling time.

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The Steps You Should Take Following a Bus Accident in Oklahoma

The moments following an automobile accident can be extremely frightening, resulting in a significant amount of panic and confusion among all parties involved.  However, when an accident involves a passenger bus, the aftermath of said crash can be nothing short of terrifying.   As most people are aware, passenger bus accidents can cause life threatening and sometimes fatal injuries for its victims.  The main reasoning behind why passenger bus accidents are so dangerous is because they are often unequipped with protective devices such as seat belts and air bags.  Moreover, people often blindly trust that a taxi or bus driver will take all measures necessary to ensure the safety of his or her passengers.  However, this could not be farther from the truth.  In fact, common carriers are just as likely to be involved in an accident as individuals, and fall prey to the same distractions such as using a cell phone or texting while driving.  For the above reasons, people often become seriously hurt after being in a bus accident.

In the event that you were involved in a passenger bus accident, there are certain steps you can take to help protect yourself.  These are as follows:

  1. Do not refuse medical treatment.  The symptoms of shock can mask the pain associated with your injuries for several days following a crash.  This may prevent you from seeking the treatment you need to address your injuries.  Moreover, if you fail to have your injuries evaluated or wait too late to do so, you could end up sacrificing your rights to receive compensation.
  2. Cooperate with law enforcement and the first responders who arrive at the scene of your accident.  Should they determine that you warrant further evaluation, do not argue with them.  Moreover, if you follow their instructions, it will help you avoid the possibility of sustaining any further harm or damages.
  3. Contact the police and obtain a copy of their accident report.  Review it to ensure that it accurately recounts the facts of your accident.
  4. Be sure to jot down the facts of your accident.  Meaning, write a summary of what you witnessed as well as the injuries that you sustained, if any.
  5. Do not allow an insurance company to record your conversations without first consulting with a personal injury lawyer.  Since the statements you make can and likely will be used against you, it is important to follow your attorney’s advice and not say anything that could adversely affect your ability to recover.
  6. Consult with a skilled Oklahoma personal injury attorney.  Bus accidents can be extremely difficult to prove for a variety of reasons.  Specifically, it may not be readily apparent how the accident occurred and also, who caused it.  As such, having an experienced attorney by your side is essential as you will need someone to fight for your rights and help protect your legal interests, every step of the way.

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The Top Myths Associated with Being Charged with a DUI in Oklahoma

Although facing a DUI charge in Oklahoma can be extremely frightening, it does not mean that your life is forever ruined or that you are without recourse to challenge your case.  Undoubtedly, there are serious consequences associated with being charged with a DUI, including having a permanent criminal record, difficulty finding employment and potential jail time.  However, there are numerous myths associated with DUIs in Oklahoma that people choose to believe, leading a great deal of unnecessary anxiety and confusion. In other words, while dealing with a DUI charge is certainly no laughing matter, your situation may not be quite as hopeless as you think.  Accordingly, the following are the top five most common DUI myths:

  1. Myth:  If I am charged with a DUI in Oklahoma, I am going to be punished to the maximum extent allowable by law.

Reality:  Many people incorrectly assume that if they are convicted of a DUI in Oklahoma, that they will subjected to the most severe form of punishment. This is not true, especially when a person is represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Specifically, a skilled attorney will be able to pinpoint the “holes” in your case, including that the police officer may not have had reasonable grounds to stop you, your blood sample was mishandled, or the police officer improperly administrated your field sobriety test. Once an attorney is able to raise these challenges, it is highly likely that the prosecutor will be willing to enter a plea bargain rather than bring the case to trial.  This means that the offender can agree to reduced charges or even have his or her case dismissed, depending upon the circumstances.

  1. Myth:  The only way to challenge my DUI case is through a trial by jury.

Reality:  Less than ten percent of DUI cases actually make it to trial in Oklahoma.  As mentioned above, an experienced Oklahoma DUI attorney should be able to negotiate the most favorable outcome before your case is brought to trial.

  1. Myth:  I should hire the first criminal defense attorney I speak with regarding my DUI case.

Reality:    Absolutely not.  Despite what some attorneys may lead you to believe, it is not wise to simply hire the first attorney that comes along.  Only an experienced Oklahoma DUI attorney can have the most positive impact in your case.  In other words, they have the skills necessary to possibly reduce your charges or even have them dismissed.

  1. Myths:  You should cooperate with your arresting police officer as much as possible.

Reality:  This is not necessarily true.  While being cooperative is helpful, it does not mean that you have to answer the police officer’s questions.  Remember that you have the right to remain silent and that anything you say or do will definitely be used against you.  As such, assert your rights and do not say anything further until you have consulted with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

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